Managing Miscellania

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After completing the Throne of Miscellania Quest, you have the option of taking part in the Managing Miscellania Activity. This game allows you to invest some money in the city of Miscellania (and later, Etceteria) in exchange for receiving various supplies such as fish or lumber.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: Royal Trouble (to have the Etceterians work for you)
  • Items: None.

It is strongly recommended that you do Royal Trouble, because it increases your coffers capacity — and the cash your subjects receive as payment — from 50,000gp a day to 75,000gp. This results in more resources being gathered for you.

Completed Quest Bonuses

Once you finish Throne of Miscellania you can chose for your people to gather:

  • Coal
  • Flax
  • Herbs - excluding Guam, Tarromin, Snapdragon, Torstol and Toadflax.
  • Maple logs
  • Swordfish and Tuna - you can choose whether to have the fish cooked, or kept raw.

Once you finish Royal Trouble you can choose to get all of the above and:

  • Mahogany
  • Teak
  • Farming resources.

Note: You can choose to gather both Mahogany and Teak by simply choosing "Both".

Special Notes

It is recommended that you have over 750,000gp in the coffers. This way you can leave your workers as they collect for you and you don't have to worry about topping it up all the time.

Also, if you have your Lunar Magic open, you can use the "Contact NPC" Spell and talk to Adviser Ghrim when ever you want.

You may notice that this is a very good way to make money. There a multiple skills that can get trained from collecting certain things.

Example: If you collect Maple Logs, you can train either Fletching or Firemaking.

If you collect Tuna and Swordfish you can train Cooking or any other combat skill. This means you have to set the fish to be "Uncooked."

What's the Point?

If you are wondering that question, then there are only two things that can be said:

  1. You get to pay your servants money to get a source. And you don't have to do anything else!
  2. Everything is discounted! If you don't want to pay 180gp each for Coal, then get your own little miner to get them for less!

Getting Started

To start this you need to go to Miscellania which is an island north of the Fremennik Province. Talk to the sailor there and he will ask if you want to go to Miscellania. Say yes and off you go!

Routes to miscellania

Or if you have finished (or started) Fairy Tale Part Two, you can use the Fairy Rings and enter "CIP" as a code and be brought north of the castle with Adviser Ghrim and King Vargas.

The miscellania fairy ring

Once you are on Miscellania go north west of the shipping dock and you shall find a castle. Upstairs is King Vargas and Adviser Ghrim. Talk to Adviser Ghrim and you can ask him any of these:

Select an option

If you ask him: "How is my kingdom faring?" He will say if your subjects are working or not. Then he will show you your Approval Rate.

Note: The number depends on the time you take to help out your subjects.

Advisor ghrim

He will then tell you the progress of your subjects, if they've collected anything and if they have he will ask if you would like to collect the earnings. After you have selected, this map will come up.

A map of your kingdom

This is the progress map. Here you can choose what sources you want the people to collect.

If you ask him "How do I manage the kingdom?" Adviser Ghrim will say this:

Advisor ghrim

Ghrim's bookAfter he is finished he will give you a book that looks exactly like the Book of Balance. Don't get too excited, it's not. In this book it will explain to you what to do and how to do it.

If you ask him "What am I meant to be doing again?" he'll say this:

Advisor ghrim

Finding Everyone

If you where wondering how to find everyone, then this map will clear everything up.

The locations of each person

Approval Rate

The Approval rate is very important in Managing Miscellania. The higher that rate, the less money your subjects will take. To get your Approval rate higher, the only thing you need to do is help them with their jobs.

Example: Cutting Maple logs with Lumberjack Leif will raise your rate 0.5% per log. It doesn't sound like much, but you lose 1% each day so it isn't that hard to keep it high.

This is what will happen if you help out:


This is approximately how much each item gained gives in the Approval Rate:


  • Coal: + 0.5%
  • Maples: + 0.5%
  • Teak: + 0.7%
  • Mahogany: + 1%
  • Weeding Gardens: + 0.5%
  • Watering Gardens: + 0.5%


  • Stealing from the stalls: - 1%
  • Killing the Villagers: - 5%

If you want to know your rating with the people, go to Adviser Ghrim and ask "How is my Kingdom faring?"

Payment & Collecting


Coffers are what your subjects take as money. In other words, it's basically gold pieces. After you finish Throne of Miscellania you get 10,000 coffers put in as a deposit. After you finish Royal Trouble you get 20,000 gold as a reward. You can either bank it and use it for personal uses, or put it in as Coffers so your subjects keep getting paid.

When you are selecting whether to put your money into Coal or Maples on the progress map, you can see how much Coffers are deposited. There are two options under either:

  • Withdraw
  • Deposit

You can deposit as much as 5,000,000 coins after you finish Throne of Miscellania. After completion of Royal Trouble, you can deposit as much as 7,500,000 coins.

Utilizing 100% of Your Resources

The chapter will explain to you what you will get if you choose to gather something with 100% of your resources.

  • 100% Maples = 892 Maples
  • 100% Coal = 545 Coal
  • 100% Teak = 301 Teak logs
  • 100% Mahogany = 204 Mahogany logs
  • 100% Flax = 1250 Flax
  • 100% Herbs = 60 Herbs
  • 100% Farming = 477 Seeds

Extra Gatherings

You may find that you will get extra things when you are collecting something. This is usually about 1 item per 100.

  • 100 Maples gives 1 birds nest.
  • 100 Coal gives 1 gem.
  • 350 Teak gives 1 bird nest.
  • 350 Mahogany gives 1 bird nest.
  • 100 Herbs give 1 Herb Seed.


Now what you've all have been waiting for. This section will tell you how much you can get each day if you have your gatherings on 100%.

Item NameAverage PriceTotal
Maples 45gp 40,000gp
Coal 180gp 100,000gp
Mahogany 190gp 40,000gp
Teak 170gp 50,000gp
Flax 95gp 120,000gp
Herbs Varies Varies
Farming Varies Varies

Herbs: This is the best price you can put on Herbs because they range from Tarromin to Kwuarm.

Farming cannot be priced due to all the different seeds you can get. From the Bird Nests you may get either Rings, Seeds or a Bird's Egg. About 70% of Nests contain Seeds, 27% contain Rings, and the rest contain either Red, Green or Blue Eggs. See the table below to find out the percentages for each different item you may get from a Nest.

Bird Nest Rewards
Item NameOverall Percentage
Oak Seed (Acorn) 15.88
Apple Seed 11.93
Sapphire Ring 10.48
Willow Seed 10.07
Gold Ring 8.55
Banana Seed 7.11
Orange Seed 6.00
Curry Seed 4.70
Emerald Ring 3.86
Maple Seed 3.82
Pineapple Seed 2.83
Papaya Seed 2.53
Ruby Ring 2.51
Yew Seed 2.32
Calquat Seed 1.46
Palm Seed 1.42
Magic Seed 0.99
Red Birds' Egg 0.95
Green Birds' Egg 0.92
Blue Birds' Egg 0.88
Spirit Seed 0.55
Diamond Ring 0.23

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