Pet Fish Care

By: Mpb219
Special Thanks to: Wise Old Man

So... fish, the most exciting pet you'll ever own! Raising a fish isn't as difficult as raising a kitten, but it's still fun!

Getting a Fish

FishbowlFirst off, you'll need to make a Fish Bowl using your glass Crafting skill. Once you've made one, use it with a sink or fountain to fill it with some water. Now add a clump of Seaweed, which you can get from the shore of Entrana Island.

Now head over to Harry's fish Shop in Catherby to get a special net for catching fish. Go over to the nearby aquarium and use the net with it to catch a fish. You can get a random colored fish, including:

  • Tiny Greenfish
  • Tine Bluefish
  • Tiny Spinefish

You can talk to your fish, play with it, or feed it.

Fish Food

Fish FoodOf course, you'll need to feed your fish to make it happy! You can get a box of Fish Food from Draynor Manor, on the second floor. Once you've fed your fish, you'll be left with an empty box. Of course, you can just keep picking up these boxes, but you can also make your own!

Making Fish Food

It's very easy to make fish food, as long as you have the ingredients. You'll need the following items:

  • Pestle and MortarPestle and Mortar
  • Guam LeafHerb
  • SeaweedSeaweed
  • Empty Fish Food boxFish Food

Grind the Guam and Seaweed by using them with your pestle, and then use them with the box. You'll now have a full box of fresh fish food!

Getting Rid of Your Fish

Should you ever wish to get rid of your fish, simply drop your fishbowl. It will shatter into pieces, killing your fish. Of course, you may get another one by following the steps explained above.

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