Picking and Spinning Flax

By: Skutar
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Picking flax is probably the best way to make money on RuneScape if you are a new player and have just become a member. It's commonly neglected due to the fact that it is really boring and that it takes quite a long time to pick, but you can make a really good profit from it since most people use them for Fletching and high-alchemising them.

Essential Info


  • Skills: 10 Crafting
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting Started

Location: Seer's Village, Tree Gnome Stronghold and Lletya.

You don't need anything special to pick Flax, and as long as you have level 10 Crafting, you're all set to follow along with this guide!

Places to Pick Flax

To start off, you will need to know were about to pick Flax. Here are three maps showing were it is and the closest bank to it:

Seers' Village

Seers' Village flax field

This is an excellent place for picking flax, as the flax field is just a short distance southeast of the bank.

Picking Flax

Tree Gnome Stronghold

Tree Gnome Stronghold flax field

This is another good place for picking flax, located directly southeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold bank.

Picking flax


Lletya flax field

This is a very convenient place for Flax picking, but you'll need level 56 Agility and you must have complete the Mourning's End Part I Quest to get here, so it's mainly used by more advanced players.

Picking flax

Spinning Flax

It's best to pick Flax first, then spin it, and finally store it. You can either sell the Flax for 100 each or make more by spinning them into bow strings and getting crafting exp.

Now you need a full inventory of Flax:


Places to Spin Flax

Before you can spin, you need to find a spinning wheel. Here are some spinning wheels that are not far away from the flax and the bank:

Seers' Village

Seers' Village spinning wheel

Tree Gnome Stronghold

Tree gnome stronghold spinning wheel

The Method

Now that you know where they are, it's time to start spinning your Flax. First, click on the spinning wheel:

Click on the spinning wheel

A bar will be at the bottom of your screen asking what item do you want to spin.

What would you like to spin [flax]

Right-click on a piece of Flax and an option bar will appear. Click on "Make X".

Mak X

Randomly press three or four numbers and quickly press enter:

Enter in some really big number

Then your character will automatically start spinning the flax, resulting in 15 experience each time they spin a piece.


After your character has finished, you will find bow strings in your backpack.

Bow string

Selling Bow Strings

Each Bow String sells for 100-180gp! If you make enough bow strings, you could end up having a trade similar to this:

Trade Screen: 3,000 Bowstrings -- 450,000gp

Well, that's about it. As you can see, spinning Flax into bow strings is an easy way to make money, since fletchers will buy them for quite a bit (around 150-170gp each).

Happy Flax-picking!

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