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Ever wonder what rings exist in RuneScape? This guide will give an overview of each ring in the RuneScape world, including how to obtain each one and what each one does.

Craftable Rings

All common rings including Gold, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Dragonstone, and Onyx are all craftable. Refer to the Crafting guide for info on making them. After you obtain a gold bar, make sure you bring a ring mould, as many gold bar as you want, and all the gems you need and head off to the nearest furnace. Once there just use a the gold bar with the furnace and a screen like this should appear:

What would you like to make?

Just choose whichever ring you want to make and your character will craft one.

Craftable Rings
PictureRingCrafting LevelTradeable?Location
Gold Ring Gold 5 Yes Player made;
Bought from Port Sarim Jewelry Shop;
Sapphire Ring Sapphire 20 Yes Player made;
Bought from Port Sarim Jewelry Shop;
Emerald Ring Emerald 27 Yes Player made;
Bought from Port Sarim Jewelry Shop;
Dropped by Crawling Hands.
Ruby Ring Ruby 34 Yes Player made;
Bought from Port Sarim Jewelry Shop and in Zanaris;
Rare drop by Otherworldly Beings.
Diamond Ring Diamond 43 Yes Player made;
Bought from Port Sarim Jewelry Shop.
Dragonstone Ring Dragonstone 55 Yes Player Made.
Onyx ring Onyx 67 Yes Player Made.
Ring of Slaying Slayer 75 No Player made;
Bought from Slayer Masters.

Members have the ability to "infuse" any unenchanted, crafted rings by exchanging their Mobilising Armies points for an infusement. Infused rings in this category will offer a defensive bonus and/or offensive bonus. Enchanted rings cannot be infused.

Note: The examine description for all craftable rings is "A valuable ring."

Enchanted Rings

All enchanted rings are Members-Only. They can only be obtained by enchanting them, and they are all tradeable.

Enchanted Rings
PictureMagic LevelRingDescription
Ring of Recoil 7 Ring of Recoil 10% of the damage inflicted on you is inflicted back to your enemy. ~ 40 Damage Limit
Ring of Duelling 27 Ring of Duelling Teleports you to the Duel Arena or Castle Wars Arena when used. ~ 8 Teleport Limit
Ring of Forging 49 Ring Of Forging 100% chance of smelting Iron ore. ~ 140 Use Limit
Ring of Life 57 Ring of Life Teleports you to Lumbridge once your hits fall below 10% ~ 1 Use Limit
Ring of Wealth 68 Ring of Wealth Increases the drop rate of rare items. ~ Unlimited Use
ring of stone 87 Ring of Stone Morphs the wearer into stone. ~ Unlimited Use

Note: The examine description for all enchanted rings is "An enchanted ring."

Quest Rings

None of these quest rings are tradeable and can only be obtained from certain quests.

Quest Rings
'Perfect' Ring 'Perfect' Ring Made by smelting a 'perfect' gold bar. Used in the Family Crest quest
Beacon Ring Beacon Ring This ring is given to you by Zaff during the What Lies Below quest, and is used to teleport him into the Varrock Palace.
Ring of Visibility Ring of Visibility Speak to Rasolo to get one. Used in the Desert Treasure quest. Allows the wearer to enter Damis' lair.
Ring of Charos Ring of Charos Obtained in the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. Needed for the Garden of Tranquillity quest and is used to get into the Werewolf Agility Course.
Ring of Charos (a) Ring Of Charos (a) Used in the Garden of Tranquillity quest. Is used to manipulate minds of NPC for your advantage such as free boat ride to Karamja and other great uses.
Lunar Ring Lunar Ring Obtained during the Lunar Diplomacy quest.
Ring of Fire Ring of Fire Obtained during the All Fired Up quest.
Ring of Kinship Ring of Kinship Obtained from the Dungeoneering Tutor. Allows free teleports to Daemonheim; allows the wearer to create Dungeoneering parties; can be customized with Dungeoneering Tokens to provide class bonuses.

Other Rings

The Warrior Ring, Seer's Ring, Berserker Ring and Archer's Ring can all be infused using Mobilising Armies points. All infused Rings offer an additional defensive and/or offensive bonuses. The infused Berserker Ring offers 8 Strength points.

Other Rings
Warrior Ring Warrior Ring Dropped from a level 303 Dagannoth Rex. Gives +4 to Attack & Defence slash bonus.
Archer's Ring Archer's Ring Dropped from a level 303 Dagannoth Supreme. Gives +4 to Ranged bonus.
Berserker Ring Berserker Ring Dropped from a level 303 Dagannoth Rex. Gives +4 to Strength bonus.
seers' ring Seers' Ring Dropped from a level 303 Dagannoth Prime. Gives +4 to Magic bonus.
Easter Ring Easter Ring Obtained during the Easter 2007 Event. When worn, the wearer will transform into an egg.
Explorer's Ring (3) Explorer's Ring Obtained by completing any part of the Lumbridge Tasks.

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