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Being such a popular and large game, RuneScape needs dedicated people to look after it and protect other players from scammers and other malicious users. A moderator is just that - a trusted person who is given certain powers to protect other players - and there are several different types of moderators (or "mods" for short) in RuneScape.

Jagex Moderators

Let's begin with Jagex Moderators. Jagex moderators are people who work for Jagex, they are the ones that get paid for their job. The reason you seldom see a Jagex moderator in game is because they are usually behind the scenes. When you DO see them in game, they are usually checking out on a glitch, bug, or macroing problem.

Jagex moderators cannot engage in a trade or fight with other players. They do not play the game like we do, and their levels are not earned through game-play. Therefore, do not be shocked when you see a level 1 Jagex moderator. Their levels are altered specifically to test out new features in the game.

Jagex Mod CrownAll Jagex moderators have a gold crown (which cannot be disabled or turned off) whenever they type a message and they usually have a "Mod" in front of their name. Andrew Gower, Paul Gower and Ian Gower do not have "Mod" in front of their name, although they do have a gold crown. The reason for this is because Andrew and Paul are the owners of Runescape. Their gold crowns show in both public chat and private chat, so anyone without a gold crown is not a Jagex moderator. Jagex moderators are the people that can ban.

Here is an example of a Jagex Moderator's post on the RuneScape forums:

A post by a Jagex Mod (Mod Peter) on the RuneScape forums

Jagex Moderator FAQ

Q: How to become a Jagex Moderator?

A: You have to apply to become one. Just go to their corporate site and look at the jobs available. You have to be above 18 and be able to work in United Kingdom.

Q: Do Jagex moderators ask for account details in game?

A: NO! Jagex moderators will NEVER ask for your account details, such as password, recovery questions or anything that could be used to get onto your account. Now think, they own the game, and if they want your account details, they can just get it easily by checking, is it even necessary for them to ask? If anyone pretends to be a Jagex moderator and asks you for your account details, report him or her for password scamming (Rule 3) or Jagex staff impersonation (Rule 5).

Q: Do Jagex moderators send emails?

A: Individual Jagex Moderators will not send e-mails. Jagex will send updates and other news through e-mail if you've provided it through their main site.

Remember, any e-mail that is not officially from Jagex if you've signed up, should be deleted immediately. Never give any details out about your account through e-mails!

Player Moderators

Now, on to Player Moderators. First and foremost, Player Moderators are normal players. They do not receive any free items or RuneScape money for their position. Their modding job is entirely voluntary, and they do not have to do it if they do not want to. Most player moderators seldom talk to avoid attention, so do not think that they are not there.

Again, it is important to stress that Player Moderators are normal players. All their levels and RuneScape money are earned through game play, just like everyone. So, the next time you see a player moderator in game, do not beg to them for free items or money.

Player Mod CrownAll Player moderators have a silver crown (which cannot be disabled or turned off) whenever they type a message, and like Jagex moderators, it appears in both public chat and private chat. Player moderators have only two powers, a priority report and a 48 hour mute. They cannot issue a ban.

Player Moderators FAQ

Q: How to become a player moderator?

A: All player moderators are hand-picked by Jagex. Application or bribery will NOT be accepted in any way. There is no direct way to become a moderator, just be yourself, follow the rules, and play the game. One of the most important things to have is a positive attitude. send in abuse reports whenever you see the rules being broken and help new players who are in need. Jagex is almost always choosing player moderators, so if you are doing what is required, you will be picked. Player moderators can be a free to play player or a member.

Q: What is the player moderator center? What is inside there?

A: The player moderator center is a place with tools to help player moderators perform their role better. These tools include guidelines, code of conduct and forums for the discussion of procedures with the rest of the player mod team and Jagex Staff. You can only access this part of the website if you are a player moderator. The contents of the player moderator center are always kept confidential, so nothing should be revealed.

Q: If a player sees rule-breaking in game and there is a player moderator around, should he/she continue to use the report abuse feature?

A: Yes, by all means. Jagex encourages players to use the report abuse feature for all abuse in game at all times. However, he/she could ask the player moderator to help in reporting, meanwhile, they have the priority report. But remember, they are under no obligation to help him/her.

Q: A player been scammed/hacked, can a player moderator help him/her?

A: Sorry, but they cannot handle these issues. The only way is to contact Jagex through Customer Support.

Q: Can a player moderator make another player a moderator?

A: No, only Jagex moderators have that power.

Q: Will being a player moderator excuse them from punishments if they break a rule? What should players do if they see them breaking a rule?

A: No, player moderators are treated no differently if they break a rule. If you see a player moderator breaking the rules, by all means, report them.

Q: Do player moderators have the green textbox and crown when they post on the forums?

A: No. However, on very rare occurences, a user may be a player moderator in game and a forum moderator on the forums. These players will have both the silver crown in-game, and the green textbox on the forums. Keep in mind that the roles are two completely seperate things.

Q: Players have seen some player moderators, and they are mostly level 100 and over. Is there a certain combat level requirement for a player moderator? Do the players have to reach a certain age to be a player moderator?

A: The reason most player moderators are high levels is because they have played for a long time and have shown themselves to be trustworthy players who know the rules well. Combat level is not a criteria for player moderator position. Player moderators are chosen not according to their skills and experience in the game, but according to their positive attitude in game and how well they know the rules.

Sometimes, a player may even see a level 3 moderator in game, but this is rare. The only reason for level 3 moderators is that they train other skills instead of combat. Being a level 3 moderator does not mean they have not played the game for long, so do not assume that they are inexperienced and unsuitable to be chosen.

Age is also not a criteria when Jagex chooses player moderators. Player moderators can be of a wide range of ages.

Q: A player has received many "thank you" messages from Jagex for his/her abuse reports, does that mean his/her chances of becoming a moderator is high?

A: No, that is not true. Even though this is a good sign, this does not mean the player will be picked. It only shows that his/her report is correct and that Jagex has dealt with the reported. As stated in the knowledge base, Jagex does not reveal how close a player is to being a player moderator. Jagex does not want players to think that these messages are indications of how close a player is to being a moderator, so do not think too much about it. Continue playing the game, and send in abuse reports when necessary.

Q: Can a player with black mark still be a moderator?

A: Yes, but the chances are slim. Depending on how serious his/her offence is, he/she will just have to work his/her way up. Once the player have proven to Jagex that he/she have redeemed his/her mistake and have made a positive impact in the game, he/she can be picked. The only time a player is not eligible is when he/she is banned.

Q: How does one know if he/she has been picked as a Player Moderator?

A: If a player is chosen for Player moderator position, Jagex will alert him/her through a message to online message center. Take note that Jagex will never email or invite anyone to be a player moderator by any other means.

Q: A player has seen rule-breaking on his world, and his mod friend is on another world. He told the friend to mute/report the player in a private chat, but the moderator refuses, why?

A: Even though player moderators have the muting power and priority reports, they cannot mute or report a player at will. They can only report/mute a player when they actually see the rule-breaking happen. Also, be considerate. They want to play the game as well, if they do not have the time to deal with the rule-breaking, do not bother them -- simply report the offence yourself. They do not come onto the game just to report/mute players and are in no obligation to help you with it.

Q: If one becomes a player moderator, must he or she be active for a specific time? Will his or her position be removed if he or she is not active?

A: No, player moderators are normal players and their job is totally voluntary.

Q: Is there a set period of time for player moderator position? Will one ever get removed from his or her position after that period of time?

A: No. As long as he or she follows the rules, doesn't resign, and the game continues, he or she could very well be a player moderator for his or her entire life.

Forum Moderators

Finally, to Forum Moderators. They too, are normal players and their modding job is totally voluntary. Forum moderators receive no free items or gold for the work they do.

Forum Moderators, like any other player, gain their levels and earn their items through game play. Please do not beg them for free items or money, as it can become bothersome.

A Forum Mod CrownSince the update, all Forum Moderators now have a green crown (which cannot be disabled or turned off) when they post on the forums. Their crowns only show on the forums, and not in the game. In addition to their crowns, they also have a green background and a "Forum mod" under their name.

Forum Moderators can do the following:

  • Lock threads
  • Hide threads
  • Hide posts
  • Move threads
  • Forum moderators can "escalate" threads to a Jagex Moderator's attention.
  • Forum moderators can edit titles of threads
  • Forum moderators can issue temporary forum mutes.

Here is an example of a Forum Moderator's post on the RuneScape forums:

A post by a Forum Mod (Thomas154321) on the RuneScape forums

Forum Moderator FAQ

Q: How does one become a Forum Moderator?

A: Be active on the forums, make constructive posts, and follow the code of conduct. Like the player moderators, forum moderators are hand-picked by Jagex. Your in game conduct does not affect your chances of being a forum moderator. Forum moderators can be P2P or F2P, however any F2P forum moderator that you may come across will have the necessary requirements needed to post on the forums.

Q: How would one know if one has been chosen?

A: Like player moderators, Jagex will send a message to your message center to invite you.

Q: A player has been scammed/hacked, can a forum moderator help him?

A: No, all such problems are to be addressed through Customer Support.

Q: A player is banned unfairly by a forum moderator, what should he do?

A: Do not worry, his ban is temporary. All forum mutes are checked very swiftly by Jagex, and will be promptly lifted if incorrect. The forum moderator will also be notified and given feedback.

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