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The Official RuneScape Forums are a place where tons of players discuss updates, make suggestions, trade, and much more. Thousands of threads are posted everyday, and hundreds are locked for breaking the forum Code of Conduct. Being able to make sure that your thread abides all of the rules is one of your keys to forum success. Getting around these forums can be tough for beginners, but eventually you will get the hang of it.

Accessing the Forums

You can access the Official RuneScape Forums by clicking on its link on the RuneScape Homepage. It is under the web site features section.

The link to the RuneScape forums

Your Account

If you are a subscriber to the members' version of RuneScape, you will automatically have a forum account. You can log in by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner of the forums' home page.


Remember that you should never enter your password anywhere except and Here is where you will enter your RuneScape username and password:

The RuneScape login screen

Once you have finished entering your username and password, you will be directed to a page where you must agree to the terms and conditions of the RuneScape Forums. Remember to read them on your first visit. After you are securely logged in, you will be given the option to go to your profile.

My profile

Here you will be shown your username, the option to turn off smilies, a list of all of the threads that you have posted on or created, and the total number of posts you have accumulated. This feature is very convenient for you to check on threads that you are managing or monitoring. To log out safely, click this button to be redirected to the homepage:


Code of Conduct

Jagex has created a set of rules or the Code of Conduct to keep the forums friendly and easy to use. It is important to abide by their rules or else your thread might be locked by a moderator and your account can be suspended or even banned in some cases. When posting, try to remember that the reader could be someone as young as 7 years old or as old as 70. Jagex appoints forum moderators to help make sure that everyone is following the forum rules. To see the Code of Conduct, click this button on the forums:

The code of conduct

In addition to the Code of Conduct, each forum has its own Forum Specific Rules. These rules can be found by click on this link at the top of the page:

Forum-specific rules


Punishment for not following the Code of Conduct can result in your thread being locked or removed. If your offense is more serious, you can be suspended or banned instantly from the forums. Jagex has a three strike policy on the forums. If something you have posted was removed, you will receive a message in your message center informing you that you have received a strike. If this happens three times, you will be banned from the official forums and will have to go elsewhere. If you have received a mute or ban in-game, you will not be able to post on the forums. If you have been banned or suspended from the forums, you will not be able post on the forums but you will still be able to use the in-game chat box to communicate with other players.


Jagex appoints forum moderators to help catch rule breakers. Forum moderators are regular players who have been helpful on the forums and have done an outstanding performance following the Code of Conduct. They have the ability to hide posts, lock threads, move threads, and remove threads from the forums. When they post it will be highlighted in green and they will have a green crown next to their name, as shown below:

A forum mod's post

Forum moderators do not receive any extra benefits or rewards from Jagex. They also do not have any crown or other symbol when they speak in-game. To see a list of the current forum moderators, you must be logged in and click this button:

Forum mods

Jagex moderators direct and manage the forums. They have all of the same abilities as forum moderators. In addition, they can change the format of their text. Their posts will be highlighted in gold and they will have a gold crown next to their name, as shown below:

A jagex mod post

To learn more about Jagex and Forum Moderators, please see the RuneScape Moderators guide.


When posting on the RuneScape forums, remember to keep the Code of Conduct in mind at all times. To be able to post, you must be logged in and either:

  • A Member.
  • A Freeplayer with an Overall skill level of at least 500.

When you want to create a thread, go to the appropriate forum, and click the "New Thread" button:

Create a new thread

Once you click that you will be directed to a page where you can type in the contents of your thread. There is a maximum of 30 characters for your title and 2,000 characters for your post. If you would like to reply to someone else's thread, you must click this button:


At the bottom of the posting/create a thread interface you will have the option to put smileys in your message. You can insert smileys into your post by clicking on one of the buttons on the smiley interface or by typing in the characters next to the buttons:


To edit your post after creating it, simply click the "Edit" button on the left side of the box.

Finding Threads

Finding a thread can be very frustrating unless you use the search or quick find code feature. To search the forums for a thread, click this button in the upper right-hand corner:


When you click this button, you will be redirected to the search screen. You will have the option to only search in certain categories. Choose the category you want to search for a thread in from the drop-down menu. Then type in part of the threads title and click go. You will be given a maximum of 100 threads to choose from. If you have posted on a thread, you can also find it in your profile. It is always wise to search the forums when creating a thread to make sure a very similar one is not already in existence. Another useful feature for finding threads is the quick find code. At the bottom of every thread, you will see its quick find code number:

A quick find code

Copy/paste the numbers into the "Jump to Thread" box directly right of the search button and click go. You will be directed to the thread that the number belongs to. It is very hard to remember these numbers, so copy/paste them into a word processing program if you want to remember them.


There are some symbols on the forums that you will need to know about in order to understand everything. Below is your guide to these symbols.

  • Sticky Sticky - If a thread has this symbol next to it, it has been placed at the top of the forum by a Jagex moderator and will remain there unless it is un-stickied.
  • Locked Locked - No one besides a moderator will have the ability to post on this thread unless it is unlocked by a moderator. Threads are usually locked when it breaks the forum rules.
  • Forum Specific Rules Rules - You will find this symbol at the top of every category in the forums. Click the link next to it to find the Forum Specific Rules.
  • A hidden thread Hidden topic - This is what a hidden thread will look like.
  • Code of Conduct Conduct - You will find the link to the forum Code of Conduct next to this symbol.


The forums are a fantastic place to communicate with other players, but can be a nuisance because of their high levels of spam and inappropriate topics. You can do your part in making the forums a better place by following the rules and teaching them to others. Enjoy the forums, but use them responsibly.

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