Special Attacks

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Some of the various RuneScape weaponry have special attacks that Members can use against their opponents in battle. Depending on the weapon, it may boost your stats, pack an extra-hard punch, or hit your enemy multiple times.

The Basics

Combat menu iconCertain weapons will have the option to use its Special Attack from within the combat interface menu. To get to this menu, just click on the crossed swords icon, next to the stats bar icon. This is where you'll see your fighting style, along with the Special Attack bar at the bottom of the menu.

Special Attack interface (Granite Maul)

Using a Special Attack

When you click on the Special Attack bar, your character will use the weapon's attack, as long as you have enough energy for the attack. You'll notice that before you use an attack, the bar will be completely filled up. After using an attack, some (or all) of the energy will be used up, depending on the weapon. As long as you have enough energy for the Special Attack, your character will use it.

Energy will refill slowly, so it may take awhile before being able to use a special attack again. Some weapons will use up more energy than others, so you may be able to use an attack several times before you'll have to wait.

Dragon Weapons

Dragon Dagger

Name: Puncture
Special Attack Energy: 25%

Two very fast blows are dealt using the dagger, and your damage and accuracy are moderately increased.

Dragon Dagger Special

Dragon Mace

Name: Shatter
Special Attack Energy: 25%

This is a very powerful attack using the Dragon Mace, however your speed and accuracy will be greatly reduced.

Dragon Mace Special

Dragon Battleaxe

Name: Rampage
Special Attack Energy:100%

This special is another very powerful attack. Your Strength will be greatly increased, while all other combat stats including Defence, Attack, Magic and Ranged are decreased.

Dragon Baxe Special

Dragon Spear

Name: Shove
Special Attack Energy: 25%

This attack forces your opponent back and stuns them, although no damage is done.

Dragons Spear Special

Dragon Scimitar

Name: Sever
Special Attack Energy: 55%

This is a more accurate attack, and it will stop your opponent from using any protection Prayers for 5 seconds if it's successful.

Dragon Scimitar Special

Dragon Halberd

Name: Sweep
Special Attack Energy: 33%

An incredibly powerful slashing attack. On large-sized monsters, you can hit twice for added damage.

Dragon Halberd Special

Dragon Longword

Name: Cleave
Special Attack Energy: 25%

This is just an extra-powerful and quick attack on your opponent.

Dragon Sword Special

Dragon Hatchet

Name: Clobber
Special Attack Energy: 100%

This attack will lower your enemy's magic and Defence stats when you hit them.

Dragon hatchet special attack

Dragon 2h Sword

Name: Powerstab
Special Attack Energy: 60%

This attacks creates an area of energy that causes up to 14 damage to any nearby enemies.

Dragon 2h special attack

Dragon Claws

Name: Slice and Dice
Special Attack Energy: 50%

This attack hits your opponent four times consecutively. The second hit does half the damage of the first hit, and the third and fourth hits do half the damage of the second. This means that you will do about twice as much damage as a regular hit.

Slice and dice special attack

Ranged Weapons

Magic Longbow

Name: Powershot
Special Attack Energy: 35%

A very large accuracy increase bonus is given when you use this special.

Magic Longbow Special

Magic Shortbow

Name: Snap Shot
Special Attack Energy: 55%

Two speedy shots will be fired at your opponent, but your accuracy will be decreased.

Magic Shortbow Special

Magic Composite Bow

Name: Super Power Shot
Special Attack Energy: 45%

Fires a single shot with the normal power you would get from a Crystal Bow.

Magic Composite Bow special


Name: Soulshot
Special Attack Energy: 100%

This will temporarily decrease your enemy's magic level by the amount of damage you cause to them.

Seercull Bow Special

Rune Thrownaxe

Name: Soulshot
Special Attack Energy: 10% Per enemy hit.

In a multi-way combat zone, the axes will bounce from target to target, causing damage to each monster it hits.

Rune Throwing Axe Special

Dorgeshuun Crossbow

Name: Snipe
Special Attack Energy: 80%

Like the Bone Dagger's special, this attack will lower your opponent's Defence temporarily by the amount you inflict on him or her.

Other Weapons

Rune Claws

Name: Impale
Special Attack Energy: 25%

This attack will be more powerful than a regular one, but your speed will be slower as well.

Rune Claws Special

Abyssal Whip

Name: Energy Drain
Special Attack Energy: 50%

This attack is more accurate, and if it's successful, 25% of your opponent's energy will be transferred to your character. However, this attack will not work on NPCs or monsters since these characters do not have run energy.

Abyssal Whip Special

Granite Maul

Name: Quick Smash
Special Attack Energy: 50%

A faster attack, without any fancy special effects.

Granite Maul Special


Name: Sanctuary
Special Attack Energy: 100%

This attack bolsters your Defence stat for a short time.

Excalibur Special


Name: Weaken
Special Attack Energy: 50%

If you hit an enemy with this attack, their Attack, Defence and Strength will be lowered.

Darklight Special
Darklight Special

Rod of Ivandis

Name: Retainer
Special Attack Energy: 10%

This special attack just works on Vampire Juvinates east of Burgh De Rott. It stuns them in the air in order for you to use a Balance Potion on them. Each Rod of Ivandis can do the special attack 10 times before the Rod crumbles to dust.

Rod of Ivandis Special

Bone Dagger

Name: Backstab
Special Attack Energy: 80%

Lowers your opponent's Defence level by the amount of damage you inflict on him or her divided by ten. So, for example, if you hit a 100, your target's Defence is decreased by 10 (100/10).

Barrelchest Anchor

Name: Sunder
Special Attack Energy: 50%

This attack doubles your chance to hit. A successful hit will lower either your enemy's Defence, Attack, Ranged or Magic level by 10% of the damage caused.

Anchor special attack
Anchor special attack

Ancient Mace

Name: Favour of the War God
Special Attack Energy: 100%

This special attack ignores the Meleee Protect Prayer of your opponent. It also recharges your prayer by the amount of damage you cause divided by ten, so hitting a 150 with this attack would recharge your prayer by 15 (150/10). This effect can also "over-charge" your prayer. So if your initial prayer was 48/60 and you hit a 150 on your opponent, your prayer would be charged to 63/60.

Ancient mace special attack

Brine Sabre

Name: Liquify
Special Attack Energy: 85%

This special attack is only usable Underwater. Monsters found underwater include Giant Crabs and Mudskippers, which are found in the Mogre Camp (the camp used in Recipe for Disaster). Zombie Pirates can also be found underwater and they are located on Harmony. This special attack doubles your chance of hitting, and a quarter of what you hit is added to Attack, Strength and Defence.

Bandos Godsword

Name: Warstrike
Special Attack Energy: 50%

This special attack hits your opponent for an extra 10% damage. It will drain your opponent's combat stats in the following order: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged for the amount of damage you inflict, divided by ten. So if you inflict 450 damage on an opponent with 20 Defence, Strength and Prayer, it will drain their Defence and Strength to 0, and their Prayer to 15 (20 - 5).

Warstrike special attack

Armadyl Godsword

Name: The Judgement
Special Attack Energy: 50%

This special attack inflicts an additional 25% damage on your opponent.

The Judgement special attack

Zamorak Godsword

Name: Ice Cleave
Special Attack Energy: 60%

This special attack will freeze an opponent for 20 seconds, making them unable to move (although they can still attack you).

Ice Cleave special attack

Saradomin Sword

Name: Saradomin's lightning
Special Attack Energy: 100%

This attack has a chance to inflict 50-150 extra damage to your foe with magical lightning bolts shooting down. In order for the attack to work first you must hit something with your normal attack, then use the special. If you hit your max hit while doing the special, the Saradomin Sword will hit 160 with the extra lightning plus what your max hit was.

Saradomin's Lightning special attack

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