Temporary Stat Level Boosters

By: Manofthing
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Ever needed to make that item, but were just one level off? This guide will help you if you need to raise your stats. Be warned, however, some quests and Tasks require the actual level.

Note: A skill Cape of Achievement, when operated, raises your level in its respective skill by 1, making it level 100. This is not included elsewhere in this guide.


Agility Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Agility Potion Agility Potion +3
Summer Pie Summer Pie +5


Attack Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Attack Potion Attack Potion +3-12
Super Attack Potion Super Attack Potion +5-19
Cup of Tea Tea +3
Zamorak Brew Zamorak Brew +2-21
Jangerberries Jangerberries +2
Combat Potion Combat potion +3-12


Construction Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Cup of Tea Home-made tea +1, +2, or +3 (depends on the type of shelf)
Crystal Saw Crystal Saw +3 (only works on furniture)


Cooking Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Chef's Delight Chef's Delight +1-5
Chef's Delight (m) Chef's Delight (m) 5% + 2


Crafting Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
  Crafting Potion +3
Poison Chalice Poison Chalice Chance to boost by +1


Defence Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Defence Potion Defence Potion +3-12
Super Defence Potion Super Defence Potion +5-19
Saradomin Brew Saradomin Bew +2-21
Granite Crab Pouch Granite Crab Special Move +4
Cabbage (Draynor Manor) Draynor Cabbage +1-2


Farming Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Garden Pie Garden Pie +3

The following familiars also raise your Farming:

Farming Familiars
ScrollFamiliarIncrease Amount
Dreadfowl Pouch Dreadfowl +1
Compost Mound Pouch Compost Mound 2% + 1
Stranger Plant Pouch Stranger Plant 4% + 1


Fishing Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Granite Crab Pouch Granite Crab Familiar +1 (invisible)
Fishing Potion Fishing Potion +3
Fish Pie Fish Pie +3
Ibis Pouch Ibis Familiar +3 (invisible)
Granite Lobster Pouch Granite Lobster Familiar +4 (invisible)
Admiral Pie Admiral Pie +5


Firemaking Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Pyrelord Pouch Pyrelord +3 (invisible)
Lava Titan Lava Titan +10 (invisible)


Fletching Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Fletching Potion Fletching Potion +3


Herblore Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Greenman's Ale Greenman's Ale +1
Greenman's Ale (m) Greenman's Ale (m) +2


Constitution Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
- Oo'glog Thermal Pool +14
Saradomin Brew Saradomin Brew +2-16
Statuette Elidinis Statuette +7


Hunter Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Hunter potion Hunter potion +3
- Oo'Glog Mud Pool +8
Spirit Graahk Pouch Spirit Graahk +5 (invisible)
Spirit Kyatt Pouch Spirit Kyatt +5 (invisible)
Spirit Larupia Pouch Spirit Larupia +5 (invisible)
Wolpertinger Pouch Wolpertinger +5 (invisible)
Arctic Bear Pouch Arctic Bear +7 (invisible)


Magic Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Magic Potion Magic Potion +4
Magic Essence Potion Magic Essence Potion +3
Wizard's Mind Bomb Wizard's Mind Bomb Level < 50: +2
Level > 50: +3


Mining Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Dwarven stout Dwarven Stout +1
Dwarven stout m Dwarven Stout (m) +2
Void Ravager Pouch Void Ravager +1
Desert Wyrm Pouch Desert Wyrm +1 (invisible)
Obsidian Golem Pouch Obsidian Golem +7 (invisible)
Lava Titan Pouch Lava Titan +10 (invisible)


There are no edible or drinkable items for Prayer. There are certain altars or other places, that when used or prayed at, will give your prayer a boost over its base level.

Prayer Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
- Monastery Altar +2
- Nature Spirit Altar +2
Ancient Mace Ancient Mace Special Attack Amount of damage dealt.
- Oo'glog Sulphur Pool +8
Zamorak Brew Zamorak Brew +1-9
Holy Wrench Holy Wrench +2 (when drinking Prayer Restore Potions)


Ranging Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Rangers Aid Ranger's Aid +2
Wild Pie Wild Pie +4
Ranging Potion Ranged potion +4-13
Geyser Titan Geyser Titan 3% + 1


Slayer Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Wild Pie Wild Pie +5
Slayer's Respite Slayer's Respite +1
Slayer's Respite (m) Slayer's Respite (m) +2


Smithing Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Dwarven stout Dwarven Stout +1
Dwarven Stout (m) Dwarven Stout (m) +2


Strength Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Dragon Battleaxe Dragon Battle Axe Special Attack +25%
Strength Potion Strength Potion +3-12
Asgarnian Ale Asgarnian Ale +2
Dragon Bitter Dragon Bitter +2
Super Strength Potion Super Strength Potion +5-19
Zamorak Brew Zamorak Brew +2-13
Jangerberries Jangerberries +1
Combat Potion Combat Potion +3-12


Thieving Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Bandit's Brew Bandit's brew +1
Winter Sq'irk Juice Winter Sq'irk Juice +1
Spring Sq'irk Juice Spring Sq'irk Juice +1
Autumn Sq'irk Juice Autumn Sq'irk Juice +2
Thieving Fingers Scroll Thieving Fingers +2
Summer Sq'irk Juice Summer Sq'irk Juice +3


Woodcutting Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Axeman's Folly Axeman's Folly +1
Axeman's Folly (m) Axeman's Folly (m) +2
Beaver Pouch Beaver +2 (invisible)

Spicy Stew

Spicy StewThe Spicy Stew can raise almost all of your skills by 6, or lower them by 6. To make a Spicy Stew, you first need a cat (or hellcat), and some stew (as many as you can hold). Go to Evil Dave's basement, in Edgeville. Make your cat chase the rats, which will drop spice, either Red, Orange, Yellow, or Brown. Place the stews into the soup.

Depending on the color of spice, it will boost a certain skill:

  • Red: Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged and Magic.
  • Orange: Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Runecrafting, Cooking, Construction and Firemaking.
  • Yellow: Prayer, Agility, Slayer, Thieving and Hunter.
  • Brown: Woodcutting, Herblore, Farming, Fishing and Mining.

Depending on how many of each spice you add, the maximum amount the skill can be boosted increases:

  • 1 Spice: +2
  • 2 Spices: +4
  • 3 Spices: +6

A few things to note about Spicy Stew:

  • More than one color of spice may be added to a stew.
  • Eating multiple Stews can lower your stat continuously (as low as 0), but will never boost a stat by more than 6.
  • Only one stew may be made at a time, but you can have an infinite amount of spices. So, as soon as you eat one, you can make another.
  • The skills a certain stew will boost is random. For example, eating a red colored stew could increase all of the above mentioned stats, a few, or none at all.

Negative Stat Effects

Certain drinks and other items which temporarily boost one stat may have the unfortunate side-effect of penalizing your other stats temporarily as well. The following stat boosters are also known to be "stat reducers":

Stat Reducers
PictureItemDecrease Amount
Zamorak Brew Zamorak Brew -10% + 2 Defence
-10% + 20 Life Points
Saradomin Brew Saradomin Brew -10% Attack
-10% Strength
-10% Magic
-10% Ranged
Poison Chalice Poison Chalice May cause between 30-600 Damage
-3 Attack, Defence and Strength

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