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There are all sorts of cool toys that you can get in RuneScape and have fun with. Some are available to Freeplayers, while others are only available to Members after doing certain quests. So if you're wondering what toys are out there, check this guide out!

Freeplay Toys

There are numerous toys available to Freeplayers in RuneScape. Some of them can be bought from the Toy Shop in Draynor Market, while the others were only obtained from a holiday drop.

Diango's Toy Shop

Toy Horseys and Spinning Plates can be bought from Diango in the Draynor Village Market. If you received a Yo-Yo or a Rubber Chicken from a past holiday drop, you can get them back from him.

Toy Horsey Toy Horsey (black)Toy Horsey (brown)Toy Horsey (grey)Toy Horsey (white)

Toy Horseys were the first toys in RuneScape, and there are 4 different colors including brown, white, black and gray. You can buy them from the shop for 150gp each, and you can "Play-with" the Toy Horsey and your character will yell out funny things like "Come-on dobbin, we can win the race!" and, "Hi-ho silver, and away!"

Spinning Plate Spinning Plate

Spinning Plates can be bought from the toy shop for 75gp, and when you "spin" it, your character will balance it on their finger. If you spin the plate for 10 seconds, your character will put it in their backpack and cheer, but if you fail, they will drop in on the ground and cry.

Toy Kite Toy kite

Toy Kites can be bought at Diango's Toy Shop for 100 gp. Toy Kites can be flown around by a player by left-clicking on the kite in your inventory, or they can be flown by operating the kite when it is wielded. You can also wield the kite and it will too look like you are flying it. The name was changed from "Dragon Kite" to "Toy Kite" on April 2nd, 2008, as "Dragon Kite" was used as an April Fool's joke.

Holiday Toys

All of these Holiday Items are obtainable only from the past holiday events. They cannot be bought from stores or traded by other players.

Rubber Chicken Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chickens were from the Easter 2005 event. You would have to receive a basket of Chocolate Eggs from the Easter Bunny and give them out to players in RuneScape. It is one of the only wieldable toys in RuneScape and it is extremely fun as you can "whack" other players with it or use it to do a Chicken Dance! This item is used in activities such as Rubber Chicken Tag.

Yo-Yo Yo-yo

Yo-yos were given to you by Santa during his trip to RuneScape for the Christmas 2004 event. With this item, you can Play, Loop, Walk and go "Crazy!"

Marionette Blue MarionetteGreen MarionetteRed Marionette

Marionettes were from the Christmas 2005 event, and were actually part of an entire set of holiday items (which included scarves and hats). With these, you can Jump, Walk, Bow, and Dance.

Easter Carrot Easter Carrot

Easter Carrots were obtained by doing the 2009 Easter Event. These work just like Rubber Chickens, as you can "whack" other players with it. Just like Rubber Chickens as well, you can play Easter Carrot Tag with them.

Members-Only Toys

Most of the toys for Members are from quests. Once you complete or get to a certain part, you'll get an item which can be used as a toy and use it throughout RuneScape.

Monkey Monkey

Monkeys are obtained from the Monkey Madness Quest in Ardougne Zoo. You can drop it as a live monkey (Even in freeplay worlds) and you can poke it in your inventory. It also says some things while in your inventory.

Cats or Kitten Pet Cat

Cats or Kittens are pets that you can feed, stroke, play with, make it chase vermin and even talk to if you're wearing a Cat Speak Amulet. Your cat will follow you around when you put it down. You are given a Kitten as a reward from the Gertrude's Cat Quest.

Pet Rock Pet Rock

Pet Rock are the lowest-maintenance pets ever. You can stroke it, feed it and talk to it. Pet Rocks are part of the Fremennik Trials Quest.

Gnomeball Gnomeball

Gnomeballs are obtained after winning a game of Gnomeball. It can be equipped, and if you unequip it, you can pass it to other players for a game of catch.

Bullroarer Bull roarer

Bullroarers are received from the Legends Quest. When you use it, you'll swing it above your head just like a sling.

Snake Charm Snake charm

Snake Charms are used to charm the Desert Snakes in Pollnivneach.

Sled Sled (waxed)

Sleds are used in the Troll Romance Quest to slide down the Trollweiss Mountains. You can't use it anywhere except for the snow-covered mountains, but it's fun to ride down the slopes!

Bedsheet Bedsheet

Bedsheets are used to disguise yourself as a ghost during the Ghost Ahoy Quest. When you wear it, you'll see that there are 2 cutouts for eyes in the sheet. It's only used in Port Phasmatys but it's still fun!

Toy Soldier Toy Soldier

Toy Soldiers are made in Player Owned Houses with level 34 Construction and level 13 Crafting. You can wind it and then let it go, and it will walk aways and then fall over. Be warned that when it falls, other players can pick it up.

Clockwork Cat Clockwork Cat

Clockwork Cats require level 85 Crafting, a Crafting Table level 4, and a Player Owned House. It may also be traded from another player. You can let it out of your inventory and it will follow you around RuneScape just like a Pet Cat, except you don't have to feed it.

Mouse Toy Mouse Toy

Mouse Toys can be obtained after completing the A Tail of Two Cats quest. It looks similar to the Abyssal Whip and attacks similar to it as well. However, the bonuses are in the negatives. You can use this to entertain your cats while having it equipped when your cat is out.

Broomstick Broomstick

Broomsticks are obtained after completing the Swept Away quest. When you left click the broom you'll operate the "Sweep" option and your character will sweep the ground. This can also be used to teleport to the Sorceress's Garden by operating it. However to do so, you'll need to get it upgraded by the Sorcerer's apprentice.

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