Vampyre Hunting

By: Billydoyle

Disappointed with the new Myreque quest? Well, there is a "hidden" reward available as well: slaying Vampyre Juveniles (level 45) and Vampyre Juvenates (level 54)! They drop rather good items as a reward, and are relatively easy to kill once you know how. They are found to the east of Burgh de Rott, as shown below.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.



  • Weapon: Silver Sickle (b) or Rod of Ivandis
  • Amulet: Amulet of Glory
  • Armour: Rune or better.


  • 3 Rods of Ivandis (10)
  • 10 Guthix Balance Potions (3)
  • Attack or Strength Potions
  • 10-12 food items
  • Do not bring a weapon special to use, as the special is needed to finish off the monsters

Creating Guthix Balance and Rods of Ivandis

First, obtain 26 silver bars, as well as 6 mithril bars. The closest spot to mine this would be the Al Kharid mine. The Crafting Guild may also be a good option for silver, but there is no mithril there. You can also buy the bars from other players.

Mining for silver

Then, make 20 stat-restore potions (harralander and red spider eggs). If you are short on red spider eggs, you may want to head to Karamja Volcano and use the fight pits bank. The Edgeville Dungeon is also a faster option, just remember that you will be in the wilderness, so don't bring anything you don't want to lose. Otherwise, just make them anywhere. Don't combine the potions, leaving them at (3)'s is just fine.

Gathering red spider eggs

Next, collect 20 garlic. The best place that I have found to do this is in Draynor Village, upstairs in Morgan's cabinet of his house.

Gather some garlic from the house in draynor village

Tip: There is also a chest of garlic in the cellar of the Myreque's new base.

Grab 20 silver bars, and head on over to Port Phasmatys and go upstairs to the Bone Grinder above the Ectofuntus. Grind all the silver bars into silver dust.

Bone grinder

Use a silver dust and a garlic with the 20 stat-restore potions to create Guthix Balance (3). While you are at Port Phasmatys, take out your Rod clay mold (from the Myreque Part 2 quest) along with 6 silver bars, 6 mithril bars, and 6 cut sapphires, and make 6 silvthrill rods. If you lose your clay mold you can use soft clay on the mold inside the tomb in the Hollows. Then enchant the 6 Silvthrill Rods (enchant level 1) to get a partially enchanted rod.

Finally, make your way to the temple on the River Salve. Make sure you bring a rope! Go to the center of the temple, where the 7 tombs are surrounding a well. Use each Silvthrill rod on the well to get 6 Rods of Ivandis (10).

Use a Silvthrill Rod on the well

Getting There

A prime vampyre-hunting area

The Vampyres

Make your way down to Burgh de Rott and use the bank. Your inventory should look similar to the example show above.

These monsters are not particularly strong (level 54), but by using the above inventory, you will be able to kill 30 of them, and food will most likely be needed. Also, the only weapons that can harm these Vampyres are the Silver Sickle (b) and the Rod of Ivandis. The Rod of Ivandis is much more effective.

Fighting the Vampyres

Go east from the Burgh de Rott bank to find a hill covered with Vampyre Juveniles just outside of the village. Choose one and attack. If your weapon is not Silver Sickle (b) or Rod of Ivandis, you will not do any damage to the Vampyre.

Vampyre juvinates

When the Vampyres Life Points are down to about 2/3, use the Rod of Ivandis special attack. This will hold the Vampyre in place like this.

Holding a vampyre in place with a rod of ivandis

Use the Guthix Balance potion with the held monster. The vampire will either transform into a man and give a reward, die instantly, or transform into a larger monster for you to fight.

Note: This larger monster is not affected by the Rod of Ivandis, so there is really no point in fighting it.

A vampyre transforming
A stronger form of vampyre

Warning: Be careful when fighting near many vampyres. As you hold one with the Rod of Ivandis, another vampyre will attack you, wasting a charge on your Rod if you don't use the Guthix Balance potion fast enough. You cannot use the potion while being attacked.

After all three Rods of Ivandis crumble to dust, remember, you have 3 more and 10 Guthix Balance potions in your bank to slay anew!


Vampyres drop fairly decent rewards. As of yet, steel, adamantite, mithril, and black armour, various rings, various runes, and level 2 clue scrolls.

Happy Hunting!

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Published on: April 11, 2006 01:50 AM UTC by Salmoneus
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