Cool Text buttons and Dictionary Additions

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Posted by Salmoneus

Hi everyone. Kinda a slow day, nothing really big for updates today. I just replaced the plain old text links with cool looking buttons. Wow... it took me 2 hours to do just that. I call that slow. Something a simple as putting buttons in can turn as complicated as... well it's a long story. Oh btw, I added some words to the dictionary so check that out in the "tips & tricks" part of the site. If you happen to find something that is missing, incorrect, mispelled, misleading or anything else just e-mail me at: [edit] , and I'll see what I can do. I should add a "contact me" page sometime... Well thats all. Hopefully I'll be getting a new guide up by next week... or maybe I should finish that magic guide first. Well c ya later!

~Rune Conspirator