Minor Updates

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Posted by Salmoneus

Hiya ya'll. Just some minor updates today, cuz I couldn't upload any files until 11:00 tonight... which defeats the whole purpose. Anyways, I also found out that my friggin discussion board was erased (don't know why), so I had to find another. For the moment, or until I can find a good (but free) one, it's hosted at Bravenet. You can acess it by clicking the button that says "click here" or somethin like that. I fixed some broken links, added some graphics that I just uploaded to the site, fixed some type-o's and lots of small (but noticeable) stuff. Well thats all. Oh wait I also found that the new chat rooms were deleted so I got rid of those too :( this stuff really makes me angry. Lol ah well. I guess I should try and make the best...of...it.........nah!

~Rune Conspirator