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Posted by Salmoneus

Hey! Sorry for the delay of updates but i've been busy getting things in order. I got a simple prayer guide up, as well a a mining guide, with pictures of each ore, and in-depth descriptions of what to do. (Btw, mining is my favorite thing to do in RuneScape!) Also, I got a discussion board up for everyone to talk and stuff about RuneScape. I don't know how the chat board is going yet, but my assistant... Oh yeah. I now have an assistant to help me with my website.Welcome, King Puppy! Lol. I'm also going to submit this site sometime very soon, to search engines to increase traffic. Well, thats all. So go and try out the message boards!

~Rune Conspirator

11:37 p.m, est- Hey i'm back! A quick update: I got a new chat client up because I heard that people had to download a program to use the other chatroom. I didn't know... it worked fine on my computer. But anyways the new ones are java compatible, and I have submitted my site to several search engines!