So You Thought it Was Over?

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Posted by Salmoneus

So... I bet you all though that it was over. No more site updates and I just quit. It was debunked and pretty soon it would be destroyed and no trace would be left. Right? Wrong. Well... sort of. I just took... a vacation... a long... 4 month vacation... Well I guess that it was because all of the sites I had submitted to had neglected to put my site up until like a month ago. Well now there's at least some traffic... great I scared them away thinking it has been down for months... Anyways, enough of my life story. I actually got some work done. By the way, I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. I got some links up (see the links page). I also updated the download page so It has the new rune program to get to the site (its from jagex, not me), and I got another link up to play directly from the web (you are re-directed to the RuneScape site). Well thats all for now. Stop by again soon!

~ Rune Conspirator