So You Thought it Was Over? (Part II)

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Posted by Salmoneus

Hey long time no see! Ummmm, I guess if you are reading this, you can see that the site background has changed from stars to... yeah. Recently several people have mentioned to me in the game that this website is really great and I wanted to thank them. That's why I have come back. On another note, I wanted to yet again ('what is it this time?' you ask) bring bad news concerning this site. Several days ago I came back to this site to begin updating all of my guides, when I realized the service had stopped. This has to be the third time this has happened to me. Unfortunately there will be no further updates (to this site). *But* I'm in the process of making a new site and hopefully it will be better than this one. If all works out with the new site builder thing and the web host thing ill add a link to it on this site so all can once again come. Hopefully ill have several pages up before 3-D comes out and it would be cool. God I miss updating this place but due to a "lack of funds" I lost my multi ftp uploader, ability to add pages and lots of other necessities. So I'm going to get working on da new site so keep coming here (this place will never close). However, you can still submit links to fan sites (I'll add them to this page as well as the new one) and view the guides that I have so far (many are still up-to-date). Chat is completely down, so don't bother even going. The forum is also inactive (I guess its my fault). Well thanks once again to everyone who has come to this site and everyone who told me how great a site this is.