Mining Guide and World Map

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Posted by Salmoneus

Alright, today I finished updating the mining guide with new pics of the titles (no more plain old text!) and I added a "changes" section in mining to explain about the *new* system. I also added more pictures of mining stuff and made the guide more clear in places that were difficult to understand. And finally, after a LONG time of having the old map up, its time to move on to the newer one. I got a chance to add the new map today, and a "surprise..." ok well neways... ok I have to tell you guys! This has got to be the most...complicated? thing I have ever done on this site. I made the first JAVA popup today and so far its great. Its on the map page and if you click where it says to, the key will pop up in a small screen so its there but not in the way, and now you don't have to scroll to the bottom to check and then scroll back to where you were to check what something is. Yeah that took me the entire day...


9:45 pm- Ok I just updated the Links page with new links to misc. sites like my friend's page and other stuff. Hehe. wow...