Screenshots Update

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Posted by Salmoneus

Hey, I finally updated this site with a couple things. Firstly, I wanted someone to go ahead and stop the presses since I finally got to 79 mining, and probably in a few days, lvl 80. I also updated the screenshot page and got rid of the old webs album page. The reason is because most of the pictures that I take are much larger than the allotted space the allow you to use. If the pic is too big, it gets all distorted and if it's too small you can see a white background. SO now we have a screenshots page. I've also updated my stat page and fixed the type-o that said I have 53 firemaking. The reason for this lack of updates is because I am working on a project for this site, and if it all works out, it'll be 10 times better.... well let's just see what happens...