Status Update on Sal's Realm V2.0

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Posted by Salmoneus

Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know that im alive and am still hard at work on rennovating the site. So far I have 4 guides up as well as most of the other pages (dictionary, anti scamming guide, yadayada). I also wanted to say that tomorrow is this website's b-day and itll be a year old. Yes, an entire year old. A year of updates, setbacks and fun. Yay! Woooohoooo. Well im hoping to get the new site opened up soon. I wanted to open it up for tomorrow since thats the birthday thing but its not quite ready as i still have several guides to finish, along with some other things.
 If anyone is wondering why its taking so long to finish (i announced it on... August 26th i think?) its becasue i have to basically rewrite every guide to make sure that stuff actually makes sense. Right now theres a lot of mistakes in this page (you could probabaly find a million on this page alone) and i dont really want to rush this massive update of the site. Its kinda like that 3d update for RuneScape: they want everything to be just right before releasing it. It's looking a lot better than the old one and it has a lot of better quality to it. Now lets all hope that it works...