Ranging Guide & Grab-bag of Updates

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Posted by Salmoneus

The new Ranging Guide is now finished, packed with tons of info about the skill, and even a step-by-step tutorial to get started on it is included! And of course, there's lots of pictures to go along with all that info too.

As if that guide weren't enough, I've also added a few words to the Rune Dictionary, as well as a couple new colors that were recently brought back to RuneScape (dark red, for 1) after some time, apparently. There's also been a huge renovation in the Tips & Tricks page, and you can now submit your own tips! And if I'm missing any colors, you can add them to the list as well, and I will give you credit for them.

I also fixed a map in the Mining guide that linked to the wrong 1. Oh, and I've also fixed the screenshots to make pop-ups of the larger pic, rather than load a completely different page. Finally, just a few small fixes and tweaks to several of the other skill guides.