Status Update #3 on V2.0

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Posted by Salmoneus

Well I just have some more news about the new site. Its going pretty good, and I have all of the current guides up! the only problem, and now becoming a delay is the fact that I wanted to use frames with the site... well it seemed all good at first but now I decided that I don't want to add the complication of frames (plus the other disadvantages). So, I'm going back to the regular-style. all I need to do now is get a whole new navigation system up which shouldn't take long. I also want to try and get some other guides up like fighting (at the least) for newer players.

On a less 'nice' note, I was forced to remove two links from the page. one was a re-direction to an *explicit* page... another was a dead link. Because of the fact that I don't check the links all the time, this happened, and I've decided to completely remove the links page in the new version. sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who used the links; to the who submitted their links (the real ones). And I would like to apologize to anyone who clicked on the inappropriate link: I had no idea that it was there.