Forum Beta Launched!

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Posted by Salmoneus

Well, after some time, JaGeX released a brand-new forum on their website! Apparently, it's in beta right now, only for members, and after the test it will be for everyone!

Directly from

We are very pleased to announce that our Official RuneScape Forums are now available for beta-testing by our members. 

We have decided to restrict the forum beta to members only so that the forums can be tested with a limited number of users. We expect that the forum beta will last at least one month, but we will aim to offer full access to everyone as soon as possible. 

RuneScape Members can log-in and help us test our new forums from the Forums link on our main page. 

Please DO NOT send in customer support queries regarding the forums. Members can provide feedback directly on the forums via a forum post in the feedback forum. Non members - please be patient and keep your eyes on the news and updates section for forum related news.