More Scythes, RS2 on Schedule & Website Stuff

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Posted by Salmoneus

To make people happy, JaGeX will do crazy things... Like have a 2nd Halloween drop 2 days after Halloween! Here's a pic of a Scythe: and another of me holding one, to the right. [salscythe.gif]
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With respect to the Halloween drop. Unfortunately it seems a lot of people were upset they didn't manage to get a Scythe. 

In particular the fact that we all live in England means unfortunately people in Western US are asleep whilst we are in the office, and able to login to the game to drop items. 

This is supposed to be a bit of fun. Something to enjoy! Not nothing something to get upset about! Therefore I'm going to try to cheer you by doing a more US friendly drop of Scythes this evening. I'm not going to stay up all night to do it, because I have to sleep, but instead I'll do 4 drops at specific times. 

I will be dropping Scythes at: 

Sunday 4pm (Eastern US Time)
Sunday 5pm (Eastern US Time)
Sunday 6pm (Eastern US Time)
Sunday 7pm (Eastern US Time)

and then I'll be going to sleep! :-) 

No doubt some people wil complain that I am doing this too. It's impossible to keep everybody simultaneously happy all the time, but I'll do my best. 


That's really nice of them and I think everyone should send them an e-mail saying 'thanks.'

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I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that we're still on schedule to release the RS-2 beta on the 1st-Dec. 
I've been getting into work early, and working a few weekends, and I've managed to make up the time it took to do the Halloween event, so 1st-dec is still on.

As for the new website stuff, I'm sure that if you take a quick look at the scrollbars... well they're blue. There's also a new poll archive, and also a place to submit your ideas for them. The mining guide is now made up of 2 sections, the mining maps now pop-up in a new window. Also other small changes throughout the site.
I also wanted to apologize for the delay of news (at the top of page) until a half an hour before the last drop. My FTP server wouldn't upload so I had to manually upload the files (it takes a bit).