RS2 Updates & Website Info

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Posted by Salmoneus

Lately with the technical changes and big additions to RS2 such as a reduction of servers, the addition of Dueling, and now a change to the game to make it less laggy and now update faster (see the RuneScape website for more info), I think it's about time to come to a decision about having both RS1 and RS2 skill guides. Well, lately I've received several questions asking about RS2 skill guides and such, and rather than posting all of the questions separately, I'll answer it right here. Yes, there will be guides for each version of the game here on this website, with new RS2 guides coming out soon after the full release of the game. Most likely they will be on a separate page, much like they are now with a few tweaks to make them better. The reason I haven't brought any RS2 guides out yet is because sometimes things change during a beta, like experience and levels and I just want them to be accurate the first time. :)