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Posted by Salmoneus

Over the past weekend I've been getting a lot of work done on the RuneScape guides, but I've decided just to update everything all at once rather than do several small ones each day:

Crafting Guide:

Anyhow, I've updated the Crafting guide with all the info from today's "Enchanting Rings" update. Info about studded leather can also be found under the Leather section of the guide, and I've also updated the info about enchanting amulets, among other things. I've also fixed some info in the Glassmaking section, and updated the charging orbs section with new info. The info about Obelisks has been revised and made more easy to understand as well.


A new Firemaking guide is up, with easy to follow instructions and info about burning other types of logs, complete with pictures.

I've also replaced many of the old and boring bullets on the guides with graphics of that skill to make it more interesting.