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Posted by Salmoneus

Like many of you have seen, the site has been having some issues over the past few months having to do with bandwidth usage, due to the increasing number of visitors. It's great that there are more visitors than before and I'm very happy that the site has been such a great success.

Currently, the site is using a shared account on a server with more than 600 other hosted websites. This is an issue, as I've basically maxed out at the amount of bandwidth I can possible have. So, I've decided that it's best to move to a virtual private server, where I'll have access to more resources for the site. It's going to cost more, but it's definitely worth it! For more info about this, check out my post on the forum.

Anyhow, while the site makes the move, which is planned to be tomorrow, it may be unavailable for around 24 hours while the domain propagates to the new server. It depends on your ISP as to how long it takes for the site to become available, but normally it doesn't take much longer than that. Check this post for updates on the situation.