Hand in the Sand & Other Guides

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Posted by Salmoneus

A guide for the latest quest out in RuneScape, Hand in the Sand, is now available for all you questers out there! Many thanks to Psv02 for his work on this guide and for writing it so quickly. A World 2 Tradingguide is online, detailing about the best places to trade in world 2, and where to buy and sell specific items in Falador. A big thanks to Neo Avatars for writing this guide! A Tree Gnome Stronghold is also up, with all sorts of info about this Gnome city. Many thanks to IkOoVicK for writing it! A Firemaking Help Guideby Julz(DJ)3344 is online, with some helpful tips on leveling your firemaking. And finally, a newBaxtorian Falls guide is online, with many thanks to Neo Avatars. Good work guys!