3 New Guides

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Posted by Salmoneus

Another three guides have just been added to the site. An updated Worshipping the Ectofuntus guide is online, with everything you need to know about the ancient, slime-covered shrine-like... (well, you get the idea) place to train your Prayer. A big thanks to Jure 7he Kin for this guide! And for those of you itching to go on a killing spree in the Wilderness, we have a Wilderness PKing Spots guide, packed with the most popular PKing spots and other useful info that any PKer will find useful. Many thanks to Mr. Bubbles for this guide! And lastly, a Freeplay Merchanting guide is online, with info on making lots of money from merchanting, one of the most popular methods of money making in RuneScape. Thanks to ImMorTaL for this guide!