Mage Training + Grand Tree Dungeon

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Posted by Salmoneus

I hope everyone had a fun time today fooling each other on April Fool's Day, we sure had some fun playing a prank on our forum members earlier today! But anyways, just a couple of updates. For those of you wanting tips on training your magic, check out Remidox's Magic Training Guide. It explains all about ways to train, gathering Runes and includes a strategy for training as well. A Grand Tree Dungeon guide is also online, with thanks to Daggerblood. This guide has some cool pictures and interesting info about this dungeon.

I've also updated the cooking guide with a ton of new foods, along with a few changes in the table's display. I managed to fix a glitch that caused some of the table borders throughout the site not to show up properly in Opera and Mozilla browsers, so hopefully it will be easier for people using those browsers to read the content. :)