Item Database!

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Posted by Salmoneus

That's right, the first installment of our brand-new Item Database is now online! This database will contain all sorts of helpful information about the huge number of items in RuneScape, such as prices, effects, stats and much more, and we will continue adding items and information to it as more items get submitted. A number of people deserve a big thanks for getting this all together. First, I'd like to thankFlummoxerCameronSamurai5911JamesT and Drokarus for their work on organizing and adding all of the items and info to the database - a very tedious but worthwhile task! And of course, a very big thanks goes out to all of the people who have contributed info to the database - there are too many to list, but you can see who contributed to each item on it's info page. Thanks guys!

Naturally, this is only a portion of the many items in the game. As more get submitted, we'll be adding them in. If you would like to contribute an item or any information, please sign up for an account on the forum and post here!