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Posted by Salmoneus

Three more helpful guides are now available to help you out in RuneScape. First, a Stronghold of Security Mini-Game guide is online, with just about everything you might need to know about the recently-added game in RuneScape. A big thanks to Neo Avatars for this guide! A Gorak Slaying guide is also up, with all sorts of helpful info on slaying these beasts, including recommended equipment and strategies. Thanks toJoystick11 for this guide! And last but not least, a guide on the Piscatoris Fishing Colony has been added to the city guide section with info about the small but interesting city. Thanks to Warren for writing it!

We will also have a guide on the new Lunar Diplomacy Quest in RuneScape out shortly. for now, feel free to sign up for an account on the forum and view what's been completed so far in this topic.