Lunar Isle, Ranging Help & Calculators

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Posted by Salmoneus

A new Lunar Isle guide is up, with all sorts of helpful info about the Lunar City (in relation to the new Lunar Diplomacy quest; we'll have a quest guide up ASAP, I promise :P ). Many thanks to Sgt. Pepper for this excellent city guide! A massive Ranging Help guide is also online, with absolutely ALL you need to know about leveling your Ranging level to 99. A really big thanks goes to Simple013 for bringing us this very in-depth help guide!

Two more calculators have been added, for the Crafting and Farming skills. A number of bugs have also been worked out in this version of the calculators, and this release brings the ability to sort each column (by clicking on any of the column headers) and the ability control-click to sort by multiple columns. The larger calculators (like Construction and Farming) have also been split into sub-sections to easily find what you need.