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Posted by Salmoneus

A few more guides have just been added to the site today. A rewritten version of the Brimstail Dungeonguide has been uploaded, with many thanks to Ph201 for writing it. The Cooks' Guild guide has also had a big makeover, with all sorts of new info - a big thanks to Steve for his work on this guide! A guide for theGnome Restaurant mini-game has also been put on the site, with another big thanks to Faradomir for his work on this excellent (and very much needed!) guide! And lastly, a brand-new Sea Slug guide has been uploaded. Thanks to Mrcsupertrain for this excellent rewrite. Good work guys!

There's also a new poll ready for you to vote on! This month's poll idea asks about your interest in the upcoming language update that Jagex is planning for the game, which will allow players to choose from a number of different languages to play the game in. so be sure to vote!