Lathas' Camp & Woodcutting Help

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Posted by Salmoneus

A location guide on King Lathas' Camp is now available, with absolutely everything you may want to know about the training camp. A big thanks to Mrcsupertrain for writing this excellent guide! A rewrite of the Woodcutting Help guide is also online, with a lot more information on leveling your woodcutting level quickly and efficiently -- many thanks goes to Lilshu1990 for writing this great guide!

As you've probably already noticed, the site banner and logo have been changed a bit for the winter season. Thanks to Steve for his work on the logo, and Reaver for his excellent work on our wintery (and RuneScapey!) banner! 
Note: If you can't see the new graphics, you may need to press ctrl + F5 on your keyboard to reload all of the images.