Another Stack of Guides...

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Posted by Salmoneus

Another four guides have been uploaded to the site, and are now ready for you to read! The Mahjarratguide is an interesting read if you'd like to know a bit about RuneScape's history and the 10 remaining Mahjarrats in RuneScape. A very big thanks to Felinoel and M.0.o.sley for writing this info-packed guide! A guide to Submitting Queries to Jagex is also available, with lots of helpful information (particularly to players who haven't used the support system to send in messages to Jagex before) to help you better communicate with the game creators and support team.. Many thanks to Ltfairy for writing this great guide! An area guide on Killerwatt Plane is online, with some very useful info about the area used in slaying Killerwatts as a Slayer task. Thanks to Micronblast for this great guide! There's also a new Feldip Hills guide available with all sorts of helpful information about the Feldip/ogre area. A big thanks to Quack for writing this guide, and to everyone else who helped with each of these excellent guides!