New Guides & Hunter Calculator

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Posted by Salmoneus

Another five guides have just been put online for you to check out! A city guide on Jatizso is up, with lots of info about this relatively new city. A big thanks to Mrcsupertrain for writing this great guide! The Metal Dragon Hunting guide has been rewritten to include more helpful info to slaying these tough (and popular) creatures. Thanks to Ancient Cavalry for his work on this excellent guide. The Sorceress's Garden mini-game guide has been put online as well, with tons of useful info to help you with this new mini-game. Many thanks to FirestormAgent_Bagels and Vamite for their work on this guide! TheTzHaar City guide has been completely rewritten to reflect updates to the area, and includes information that was previously missing from the old guide. Thanks to Evolution for his work on this guide! And lastly, the Crandor Island area guide has been rewritten to include new information and helpful tips for players wanting to train there. A very big thanks to Gain Again for writing this guide. And thanks to everyone who helped with these guides!

The Hunter Calculator is now available for you to use, and hopefully it will be a great tool to help all of you hunters out there with figuring out how many of each creature you need to catch to reach your goal.