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Posted by Salmoneus

Several new guides have been added to the site today. The Goblin Village city guide has been completely rewritten to include a lot of updated information about the area. Thanks to Warren for writing this guide! The Anti-Hacking and Scamming guide has been rewritten as well to include a lot more information and details to help protect you from scammers and malicious users. A very big thanks to Ltfairy for writing this excellent guide! The Brimhaven city guide has also seen a total makeover today as well, to include information that was missing from the old guide, and updated pictures of the area. A big thanks goes toMrcsupertrain for this much needed guide! Lastly, the Temple of Ikov dungeon guide has been added to the site, with tons of info about this important quest location -- many thanks to Scary Monkey for writing this guide! And thanks to everyone who helped with each of these guides!