Rewrites Comin' Atchya!

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Posted by Salmoneus

Lots of freshly rewritten guides have been added to the site today! The Monkey Madness quest guide has been rewritten, with a big thanks to Egghebrecht. A Sophanem city guide has been rewritten to reflect the updates in the area, thanks to Infiniti. The Legends' Quest guide has undergone a rewrite to make it easier to use, with thanks to Knight Haleth. The White Wolf Mountain area guide has also been rewritten to include more information, thanks to Warren. The Seers' Village guide has been rewritten by Evolution. We also have a brand-new Smithing Help guide which contains a lot more detail than to old guide, with a very beg thanks to Sayf for writing it for us. Lastly, the section on Rune Mining in the Wilderness Survivalguide has also been totally rewritten by yErrRokK.

A big thanks to everyone who wrote (and helped with) these excellent guides! Obviously we're trying to get our older (and consequently inaccurate) guides up to date, and our members over at the forums have been doing a great job with this! Expect to see lots more to come soon!