A Few New Guides & New Poll

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Posted by Salmoneus

Four new guides have just been released today. A Fight Arena area guide is online, with everything you need to know about the important quest area also known as the Khazard HQ. A big thanks toGrandTheftGamer for writing this great guide! We also have a Hill Giant Hunting guide, with lots of helpful information on hunting these oversized beings efficiently and safely. Thanks to Bulimic Pig for writing this guide! The Black Knights' Fortress Quest guide has been completely rewritten by Micronblastto be more helpful and easier to use by newer players. And lastly, the Draynor Manor area guide has been rewritten to include lots more information about the mansion. A big thanks to Desireful for writing this excellent guide!

There's also a new poll for you to vote on this month. This month's topic asks about what you find most important to you in RuneScape. So be sure to vote, and check back often to see how the results progress! Thanks to Ambo100 for the idea for this month's poll.