Real World Trading Adverts

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Posted by Salmoneus

In regards to yesterday's announcement about real-world trading adverts, I would first like to apologize for letting those ads appear on the site. We in no way support, and never have supported those sites. As has been shown, we actively moderate our forums and remove any topics regarding the sale of items, characters or anything else related to RuneScape. We don't directly decide which adverts are displayed by Google Adsense, and instead Google has their own method of choosing which ads to show. Obviously, there are a lot of expenses in running this site (particularly hosting costs and upgrades, along with the "extras" purchased for the community), and without the ads there wouldn't be a Sal's Realm.

However, a number of adverts have already been "blacklisted" and will no longer show up on the site. A form has also been set up so that if you ever see an add that breaks any RuneScape rules, you can report the URL so that the site can be blocked from our advertising cycle.