Imp Catcher, Dragon Slayer & "FQWs"

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Posted by Salmoneus

Today we have two new guides that have been added to the site. The Dragon Slayer quest guide has been rewritten to include a more detailed walkthrough, along with all of the updates and changes that were made to the quest. A big thanks to Johnny for this excellent guide! The Imp Catcher guide has also been rewritten as well to be more helpful to newer players -- many thanks to Lordo for this guide! And thanks to everyone who helped with these guides!

Neo Avatars has also been very busy writing Fast Quest Walkthroughs for some of the quest guides on the site, and we are proud to announce that Fast Quest Walkthroughs ("FQW" for short) are now available for the following quests:

Jungle PotionTears of GuthixUnderground PassBiohazardPlague CityFishing ContestLost City,Murder MysteryWitch's HouseElemental Workshop IElemental Workshop IIDruidic RitualContact,Cabin FeverBig Chompy Bird HuntingA Tail of Two CatsA Soul's Bane, and Mourning's End Part 2(The "Door 2" part of ME2 has also been rewritten).

A very big thanks goes to Neo Avatars for his hard work on adding Fast Quest Walkthroughs to these guides! Seeing as the FQWs have become so popular, I'm sure that these will be enjoyed as well!