Three New Guides

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Posted by Salmoneus

Three new guides have been added to the site today. First, the Rune Mysteries Quest guide has been completely rewritten to be much more helpful, particularly to newer players. Many thanks to Pig for this excellent guide! The Yanille city guide has also been rewritten to cover all of the past updates that were missing from the old guide, and to be much more descriptive of the city. A big thanks to Pez for writing this great guide! We also have a freshly-rewritten Cooks' Guild guide which contains updated images and new information about this popular guild. Thanks to Golden Arm42 for this guide! And thanks to everyone who helped with each of these guides!

There is also a new poll for this month which asks about which type of game update you would prefer in RuneScape, so be sure to vote! Thanks to Neo Avatars for the idea for this month's poll!