New Guides, City Guide Updates, and a Poll

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Posted by Salmoneus

A few new guides have made their way onto the site today. Firstly, a guide on the Varrock Achievement Diary has been put online, with detailed steps on completing each part of the diary quickly. A very big thanks goes to Damaged500 for this excellent walkthrough! A Jiggig city guide has been added to the site as well, which not only includes key information on the city, but also a detailed Undead Ogre hunting guide as well. Nice work on this great guide, NJL72413! The Hitpoints skill guide has also been completely rewritten, and now includes everything you may need to know about this valuable combat skill. Many thanks to Damaged500 on this much needed rewrite! The Mining Help guide has also been updated with a very useful section on Powermining Granite -- thanks to Perry for this addition!

We also have a pretty cool feature that we're trying out with our city guides, beginning with the Freeplay guides to make them easier to use. The individual numbers on each map can be clicked on, and they will bring you to the appropriate section of the guide. So in the Lumbridge city guide for instance, clicking on the number "3" will bring you to the section on the Lumbridge Chapel! This should hopefully be very helpful in navigating city guides; particularly guides that are very long, or have many sections to read through.

The following guides have been updated with this new functionality: Al KharidBandit CampBarbarian VillageCrandor IsleDraynor ManorDraynor VillageEdgevilleFaladorGoblin VillageLumbridge,Musa Point, Port SarimVarrock Gang Hideouts.

A very big thanks goes to Neo Avatars for his dedication and hard work on this project!

And that brings us to our newest site poll: What do you think about the recent update to our freeplay city guides making the maps clickable? Don't forget to vote!