New Guides!

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Posted by Salmoneus

A few guides have been added to the site today. First, a Summoning Help guide is now online to go along with the skill guide, and contains the best ways to train your summoning efficiently. Many thanks to Razorlike for writing this excellent guide for us! The Crafting Guild guide has been completely rewritten, and should now be up to date with the changes in that area. Thanks toInsomnia for writing this guide! And lastly, the Temple Trekking mini-game guide has been rewritten to be much more detailed and helpful for anyone working on the mini-game. A big thanks to Heb0 for writing this great guide!

Additionally, we have a new poll ready for you to vote on this month: "If you could "un-invent" (so that it never existed) one of the following skills, which would it be?" -- thanks to Agent F for this poll idea!