Four New Guides

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Posted by Salmoneus

Several new guides have been added to the site today. First, we have a guide on the new Runecrafting Guild, packed with tons of info about the guild! We also have a Great Orb Project mini-game guide now online, which should be very useful to anyone looking for strategies and information on the new mini-game. A very big thanks goes to Twist of Fate for writing both of these guides! Next, we have a guide on the VineSweeper minigame, which includes info on playing the game, along with strategies to solving various patterns. Many thanks to Hawk for writing this excellent guide! And lastly, the One Small Favour quest guide has been rewritten, and should be much more helpful to players working on this quest. A big thanks to Sea Rayn for writing this guide!

There is also a new poll online for this month, so be sure to vote! This month's topic is: What do you think is the most important feature of a RuneScape guild? -- thanks to Chaosor for suggesting this poll idea!