Barbarian Training, Magic & Prayer Help

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Posted by Salmoneus

Another few guides have been added to the site today. Firstly, we finally have a Barbarian Training mini-quest guide! This guide covers all of the Barbarian activities you'll encounter during the mini-quest, and should be a big help to anyone who needs help with this activity. Thanks to Click This for writing this excellent guide! The Magic Help guide has been completely rewritten to include the best ways to level the skill, and includes all sorts of useful info and tips for anyone wanting to raise their magic skill efficiently. A big thanks to DeeKay for writing this guide! And lastly, the Prayer Help guide has also been rewritten to be more detailed, and to include new methods of training the skill. Thanks to NJL72413 for writing this guide!

Additionally, a new poll is now available for this month! A big thanks goes to Kemosabe for the suggestion: Which of the following is your favorite "boss" monster?