Four New Guides!

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Posted by Salmoneus

Four guides have just been uploaded to the site today. A Cockroach Hunting guide is now available, with all sorts of useful info such as suggested equipment, tactics, drop info and more! A big thanks goes to Pyrowarlock for writing this guide! The Giant Mole Hunting guide has been rewritten to include more information about killing the mole itself, and should definitely be more helpful to anyone looking to fight this nasty creature! Thanks to Zacharyb for writing this guide! The Party Room guide has also been rewritten to suit the now-not-so-new Falador Party Room - thanks to Topdog for this much-needed rewrite to the popular location in Falador! Lastly, the Fight Arena quest guide has been rewritten clear up a number of changes in the quest, and it should be much easier to use. Thanks to Sea Rayn for writing this guide!