Another Slew of Guides!

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Posted by Salmoneus

Quite a few new and improved guides have made their way onto the site today. Firstly, at long last we have a Farming Help guide which details practically everything you will ever need to know in order to be successful (and to efficiently train) at Farming. A huge thanks goes to Neo Avatars for this amazing guide! We also have a new guide on training Construction Level-By-Level - with all sorts of useful info about the things you can make at each level! Another big thanks goes to Merch Gwyar for writing this excellent guide! For anyone interested in creating a clan (or knowing what it takes to run one), we have a new Creating and Running a Clan guide by Drafonicus, with all sorts of must-know info to making your clan a success! We also have a guide on the various Barrows Equipment, with all sorts of useful info on the equipment sets. Thanks to Beserk Warrior for writing this great guide!

The Merchanting guide has been rewritten to suit the Grand Exchange, and should now be more helpful to people wanting to know how to make a (RuneScape) living off of this trade. Thanks toVeni Vidi Vici (err... Vincent) for this much-needed rewrite! The Mining Guild guide has also been rewritten to be more detailed. Thanks to Hawk for this great guide! The Fishing Guild guide has been rewritten as well to include missing info, and to update old info and images - thanks goes to Lord Earth for writing this guide! And lastly, the Dwarf Cannon quest guide has been completely rewritten to update old and missing information, and to make the quest guide easier to use. Thanks to Dragonclaw8 for writing this guide!

Additionally, we have a new poll available: Are you combat-based, skiller-based, or a mix of both? Be sure to vote! Thanks to Kemosabe for this poll topic.