Seers' Diary, Stat Boosters, & Pirate's Treasure

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Posted by Salmoneus

Three new guides are now available! A Seers' Village Achievement Diary guide is now ready, and should be quite helpful to anyone working on the newest of the achievement diaries in RuneScape. Thanks goes to Freewill for writing this excellent guide! We also have a new Temporary Stat Boosters guide, which includes information on the various items and objects in RuneScape which can increase your stats! Thanks goes to Manofthing for this helpful guide! The Pirate's Treasure quest guide has also been rewritten to be more clear and easy to use for newer players. Thanks goes to Guitar for this guide!

Thanks also goes to JJohnston for updating our website icon (the one you see in your browser's address bar)!

A new poll is now available for February as well: What's your current goal in RuneScape? Be sure to vote and let us know!