Announcing the Winner of Our 'Ghoulishly Gruesome Graphics Game'!

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Posted by Salmoneus

Today, we reveal the winner of our October 'Ghoulishly Gruesome Graphics Game' competition!

Hey there!

Last month, we held a competition to create a banner image to invite our website users to join our community forums. Today, I'm very pleased to announce our winner, whose graphical banner is now displayed right here on our homepage!

First-Place Winner: Sk8skull

Sal's Realm Community Forum - Join Today!

Runner-Up: Zooey

Sal's Realm of RuneScape - Forums - Guides

Congratulations to Sk8skull for winning first place in our contest! Sk8skull will be receiving some neat RuneScape concept art, as well as a custom title on our community forums!

Thank you to those who joined in our contest and participated! More competitions will be hosted in the near future!