New Giant Mole Hunting Guide & EoC Info!

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Posted by Salmoneus

Looking for information and strategies on fighting the Giant Mole below Falador Park? Check out out newly-updated Giant Mole Hunting guide!

Hi all,

We have a brand-new Giant Mole Hunting guide ready for your reading pleasure! If you're looking for strategies, tips or other information about killing the enormous mole which lives under Falador Park, be sure to check out our guide! Many thanks to Jethraw  for sharing this awesome guide with us!

It's also worth noting that tomorrow — as you probably already know — Evolution of Combat (EoC) is planned to be released in RuneScape. It's going to be a huge change, and there are a few things you should be aware of before logging into RuneScape for the first time after the update.

Happy mole hunting,